How to choose a Real Estate Agent?

How many times have you shown a buyer a series of houses that you thought corresponded 100% to their needs and ended up asking you something completely different? How many cases are there in which people lose interest because you were unable to find the right property?

Both scenarios often happen to real estate agents, but that is common, does not mean you have to sit idle, it is best to find out the reasons.

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Goodbye to the routine of the usual questions

Everyone seems to do the standard questionnaire, that is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do they need? What is the minimum number of square meters they require? Is it vital that the property includes a parking space?

These types of questions are easily solved with a 'yes' or a 'no' and the answers serve very well to fill out the forms, unfortunately they do not provide much information about the client's wishes.
Instead of asking what kind of kitchen the person is looking for or what size they have in mind, ask them how they usually use that area, if they like to have parties at home, if they need a large kitchen to receive a larger number of people or if they prefer a smaller size but comfortable to organize intimate dinners. Your question should be addressed to spaces and their emotional utility.
For someone who likes to cook, it will be essential to see a spacious kitchen, well equipped or, at least, with good potential for it. On the other hand, if the client prefers to order Chinese food by telephone but receive his guests in a comfortable and pleasant dining room, he will definitely prefer to invest his capital in a house that has facilities that respond to that desire.

More answers = More Questions:

By using this technique you will discover that each response to an open question leads to new questions and more answers. In a very short time, you will have a clear idea - the complete picture - of what the client is really looking for, what their true needs are and that will give you the enormous advantage of choosing the properties that you will show with better judgment.

It may be that you do not hit the first one, but by showing houses that you like from the beginning, you will be closer to the definitive one and, of course, you will avoid changing agents.
Beware, after receiving some response from the buyer, it is not a bad idea to repeat what you have said to make sure you really understood what he meant, do not risk distorting his wishes. You can say something like: 'I understand that you are looking for a large dining room because you need large areas to receive your visitors'. That way you'll know you're on the right path. Talking about the real estate industry you might have heard about A Toronto based real estate developer from has broken ground, he is working on The One which will be the tallest residential and retail tower in Canada, slated to be 308 meters tall and 85 stories high.

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