What is the work of a business analyst?

An organization structure comprises of various departments. Each department is interconnected and independent. The nature of work in each department is fixed and routine. Technology development has made a drastic impact on all sectors. Every concern needs to sort out the imbalances between manpower and technology, between necessity and advancement to earn more profit.

Who is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst (BA) is a person who analyses their nature of work and integrates the actions of workers with technology. A Business Analyst functions as a unique person who gathers information about the policies and interests of users and investors to combine them with the operational and non-operational results of the organization.

Role of a Business Analyst:

The role of a BA can be operational, administrative and an executor. He handles levels like business development, marketing, finance, human resource, IT, and other operational units. The work of a BA is to disseminate the work amongst the organization to increase profit.  A Business Analyst should be well aware of the scale of operation, technology and market evolution.


The work of a BA is felt when all the other actions of the concern remain the same and just his innovativeness has increased profit. A Business Analyst should intermediate between technology used or to be advanced, and skills of employees. Every Business Analyst should rely on their own skills in solving problems. They should collect data from all the levels of the business. They should formulate a suitable technique and execute in a systematic manner. Their strategy should be flexible and easily formulated.


The importance of this role is felt only when it expressed with uniqueness and elegance. A Business Analyst should be very careful in not breaching or violating any rules, policies, Articles, and Memorandum of the business. It is his responsibility to safeguard the welfare and interests of the employees, the organization, the stakeholders and other external users of the firm.


Apart from project management a BA also tests the quality of the work done. A Business Analyst according to his hierarchy may also appoint, dismiss and change the role of his subordinates and other employees. He decides the priority of work while delegating. The work delegated should make the most comprehensive into a simple one by making complete use of all input sources used.

Qualifications of BA:

One must have adequate IT knowledge with basic computer tools, management software, and project software and machines used. One should be very quick in learning and must update their concern and employees with frequent changes in policies and regulations of external users. One must be well-versed with universal language (English) and the local language. Mere educational qualification and technical knowledge cannot develop a good Business Analyst.  One must also improve their personalities.

Hence a Business Analyst is a professional who works with the reality of the firm, supporting the activities of each and every level of the department with a motive to improve Goodwill thereby reaching profit. It is because of Business Analyst every single imagination of an Entrepreneur. Its always advisable you should take inspiration from any successful entrepreneur like Charles Field Marsham. Charles Field Marsham is a Canadian entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building businesses.

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