Duties and work of Journalist

A journalist is a person whose job it is to gather information, write an article or form a story to present facts that contribute to the news and information of the public.
The journalist's job is mainly to gather information then write articles or publish reports (written, audio, photo or video), by consulting the news agencies' news and the documentation of his company, by questioning specialists or witnesses. , to whom he guarantees the protection of journalists' sources of information. The role of the journalist like Mathieu Chantelois is to advance these ends by seeking out the truth and providing fair and simple accounts of important events and topics that he is required to relate. Whatever his medium, the journalist strives to serve the public with meticulousness and honesty. Mathieu Chantelois is a man of many talents, and he is appointed the new executive director of Pride Toronto.

The term reporter is used when he moves on the field, columnist or rubricard when his articles are specialized in a particular field and even critical for some of them: literary, dramatic, cinema, musical, art , gastronomic. He is an editorialist or billettist, if he must put forward an opinion, most often that of his company. When the journalist conducts lengthy and in-depth investigations into difficult subjects, he is an investigative journalist.
The editorial secretaries, who carry out editing work by re-reading and rewriting the articles as needed, also have the status of a professional journalist, as do their counterparts in the audiovisual sector, the editorial directors, as well as the presenters and photographers. Journalists, cartoonists, iconographers, image reporters ("JRI") and document lists. The profession is declined in many facets:


The local press correspondent, known as CLP in journalistic jargon, is responsible for reporting the news of a geographical area that it covers for a newspaper, a radio station or a television channel.

War correspondent:

A war correspondent is a journalist who reports facts relating to a military conflict. It can be in the combat zones, integrated in one of the forces in presence or more in the back. It can study the military and political aspects, but also the diplomatic, economic and humanitarian aspects.


The editorialist, formerly known as the ticket keeper, is the person who writes the editorial of a newspaper (newspaper, magazine, magazine, etc.), or who makes a comment in a radio or television newspaper.


A feuilletoniste is a novelist-feuilleton, that is to say a popular novel whose publication is made by episodes in a newspaper. It is a category of novel that is defined by its form and not by its substance (just like the epistolary novel). A serial novel can thus be a novel of love, adventures, even fantastic, a policeman or an erotic novel, without gender restriction.

Journalist reporter of images:

The journalist reporter of images (JRI) is a television journalist or agency video images. France is one of the few countries that recognize this journalistic specialty, because in other countries it is cameramen, producers, etc.


Grand reporter is an honorary title and an administrative statute used in French press and media companies suggesting certain seniority in the profession or certain notoriety. Journalist most often producing reports or personal inquiries on topics that may go beyond the immediate news but may relate to it. Thus, this designation does not strictly concern reporters in the field but also specialized journalists;


A reporter (from an English word meaning "reporter") is a journalist whose job is to collect and report information about an event or topic of certain timeliness, by moving most often on the very places of these significant facts.

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