The medicines that could be replaced by Cannabis

We recently discovered that marijuana use has doubled in the last 15 years. This news has led us to think, if its use is truly correct for therapeutic purposes that coincidentally occupy a large part of the increase in consumption during that time.

Thanks to the content of the study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, we have been able to verify the therapeutic effect of cannabis by addressing some of the symptoms that we could treat with other popular medications. A Canadian company PharmaCielo has become a leading supplier of naturally grown and processed, standardized medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products.

Vicodin (analgesic):

Numerous studies have found that marijuana has a potential to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. In addition, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention add that 44 Americans die every day from overdoses due to these analgesics.

Xanax (anxiolytic):

Xanax is often used to treat patients who suffer from anxiety. Although marijuana is not a good solution, because not everyone is effective in reducing anxiety but can generate it, there are certain varieties of the cannabis plant effective in treating anxiety.

Some care should be taken with the sativa variety, as it is associated with some peaks in brain activity related to the stimulation of anxiety. For its part, the indica variety has been shown to reduce anxiety.

Adderall (stimulant):

As with tranquilizers, certain varieties of marijuana are capable of effectively replacing the consumption of a drug. In this way, the sativa variety has been shown to successfully treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorders to a greater extent than prescription drugs.

Ambien (sleeping drug):

Doctors warn users about the use of sleeping drugs, specifically the Ambien. The first reason is that this drug is extremely powerful; therefore it ensures its effect, preventing us from doing another task in case we need it during it, basically because we will fall asleep. The second is that this drug has hypnagogic properties, which can lead us to do things unconsciously. Marijuana can help you sleep without having to pay for all the negative effects of this drug.

Zoloft (antidepressant):

After different exhaustive studies, many patients who take marijuana for therapeutic purposes have presented an improvement in the condition of their depression. Although each person is a case, the results have been positive almost in the totality of the consumers. In short, it has shown better results than taking antidepressants such as Zoloft, with numerous side effects.

Therapeutic applications of cannabis

Interestingly, it has been proven that after the legalization of marijuana in many countries, the number of cases of adolescents addicted to this substance has fallen notably, possibly because of the attractive power of the forbidden. However, what has significantly increased in recent years is the number of studies, open or closed, that investigate the therapeutic applications of cannabis. This is so due to the effects associated with the control of fear and anxiety produced by the stimulation of the endo cannabinoid system. The results obtained by these researchers have been good, although they still have to optimize the necessary dose.