Major Motion Pictures Slated to be Cast and Produced exclusively for Vuuzle TV

Vuuzle Media Corp CEO, Ted Joseph announces that Major Motion Pictures is slated to cast and produce exclusively for Vuuzle TV in 2019 and also reveals new channel lineup. Vuuzle Media will be providing exclusive content to the users via the Internet including live streaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and gaming. Vuuzle TV will be offering its users base subscription which will include premium channels and special services.

A Brief about Ted Joseph:

The Music Business Executive and the CEO of Vuuzle Media Corp., Ted Joseph announced that the organization had slated several major motion pictures to be made in the year 2019 that would be exclusively distributed on Vuuzle TV.
Ted has spent 26 years in the entertainment industry with popular studies including Records and Warner Distribution Sony Music, Warner Bros, Sony Distribution, Warner Music Group, Universal Distribution, EMI/Capitol and BMG Distribution. The channel lineup will include multiple channels making it easy for you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other media content.

Using Vuuzle TV Service:

The all new Vuuzle TV service will be easy to use. All you have to do is plug-in your device, download an app from iOS store or Google Play Store and you are all set to go. Vuuzle TV will be a 24-hour entertainment service that will be using a 2-way OTT streaming platform through which the users can connect Vuuzle to Android, Roku Plus, Amazon Prime, Apple 4K TV, Google Chromecast, Now TV, Mi Box, Amazon Fire, Android TV, LG TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku Box/Stick and PlayStation Hisense SHARP Tvs.

The Words from Vuuzle Media Corp Marketing Manager:

The marketing manager of Vuuzle Media Corp, Joshua Flynn said referring to the content providers who distribute the streaming media as a standalone product directly to the users across the internet that OTT is the most important abbreviation that you haven’t heard before. 51% of American homes are using it right now and the percentage is still growing. It is used at least 100 minutes a day on an average.
Vuuzle TV will be focusing on all aspects of entertainment to give its audience the best choices using high-definition from the first quarter of 2019.
The president of Vuuzle TV, John Lamb also said that TV is not at all same as it is actually used to be. 2 decades ago, TV was locked at certain location and was unable to move. Vuuzle TV has now evolved into a personalized interactive viewing experience with offers that are available globally anytime, anywhere.

What’s the plan?

The Rockstar in the technology world, Prophecy, CTO, Vuuzle Media Corp. will be working with the marketing and creative team to formulate the new ways to use this integrated technology by Vuuzle Media Corp allowing the users to share their files and create linear channels from the user-based content. The visual web through Vuuzle Clout 9 social media software application will also be organized.
As 2019 is approaching, you should look out for Vuuzle Media Corp app. Vuuzle will be auditioning the talent from all across the world to cast into the new films and exclusive content only to be seen on Vuuzle TV. You will be glad to know that Vuuzle TV is a triple play company having its offices in New York, Philippines, Indonesia, Las Vegas and Ukraine.

The Last Words:

Bonk Be.Live will now be renamed to Vuuzle.Live. If you are looking to broadcast yourself online and become a superstar overnight, you should install this app on your smartphone and start entertaining your fans with Vuuzle.Live. 

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