Amenities that one get at the Best Real Estate

The selection of the house (or department) requires time, intelligence and passion. We share six key tips to analyze the choice of the best property, the one that suits your needs and desires.
Although it does not generate a commitment for life, the amount of money requested by the real estate agents, the signing of the contract and the stress of the move are sufficient reasons to concentrate, look hard and choose well. Here are our few recommendations.

The starting point: where?

The first step, in the way of choosing a property by Mike Mcgahan, is to choose the area. This decision must be taken in relation to the location of our work and general routine, taking into account the distances, transport costs and especially the access possibilities. For example, there are great rental opportunities in areas far from our workplace. If we have our own transport, this could be an excellent opportunity to situate ourselves in neighborhoods with more green spaces and that allow the realization of sports. Also the proximity to the school of our children (if we have them) influences, thinking that at some point they can go alone walking or in a collective.


Another important point when making this decision is to consider what type of property we need. For this, we must think about how our family is composed. If there are children or old people, privilege properties that are on the ground floor to facilitate their access. If we have pets, if we like ample spaces, if our home will also be our place of work and therefore must have a special room that we will use as an office, among other options. In addition, we depend on a fundamental factor that is present in our decisions: personality and tastes.
It is advisable if we like the aerated and bright spaces, to contemplate that the property has sufficient ventilation and luminosity. Are there internal lungs, patio or balcony, large windows or, on the contrary, is a small apartment, on the inside of the building, and without windows? Another element to evaluate in the choice of floors, is the visual or sound distraction that a neighborhood can cause us: for example, if you are a student, avoid the first floors, since they have a high intensity of noise and annoying distractions

Amenities: With or Without:

The third component of evaluation by Mike Mcgahan Hamilton is the amenities that the building owns: if you like sports it is very important that you take into account if the property has a gym or pool. Also if you have children or you like to hold meetings with friends and family. A SUM and a grill would help you and save money on the rent of the room. If you have a car it is better that, for safety, you can have a garage or parking attendant, and a garage space for guests. It is also important that you think and evaluate the advantages of 24-hour surveillance.

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