10 popular myths about GATE preparation

Thousands of students appear for GATE exam or Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering every year. Student’s knowledge about the undergraduate level is tested via this entrance exam. If the students have good knowledge about the concepts and application of the undergraduate studies, it will be easier for them to crack GATE entrance. In order to get success in the first attempts, the aspirants have to go through proper planning of studying, determination, time management and focus. While planning to appear for the exam, you might hear a lot of myths about the examination, and it might put you in a dilemma. Therefore, if you have decided to appear for the exam, it is better to stay away from the myths and relieve yourself.

Therefore, in order to pursue your career in one of the IITs, you have to crack GATE 2019. Other than the technical education that you get, maintaining a good scorecard also help to get jobs in the public sector. The upcoming GATE exam will be conducted by IIT Madras that has been decided on a rotational basis. The tentative date of the exam is around 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th of February in 2019. The exam will be conducted on 24 subjects, though a student can appear only for one paper at a time. Thus, it is also necessary to understand that the myths have no such role in the exam. Some of the myths are enlisted in the following part of the article.

GATE is the toughest national level exam

You should not let the idea that GATE is tough to hamper your preparation. It is definitely hard to get through the entrance, but nothing is impossible. It is one of the widely spread myths that you have to be highly skillful in order to crack this exam. Interestingly, like many other entrance exams, this exam can be cracked if you go through effective basic preparation. Since it is highly conceptual, you have to set your time inappropriate practice and preparation for the exam. It is necessary to understand the concepts well before you start attempting the mock test series.

Attempt all questions

This is a famous misconception among the students that they have to attempt all questions in the entrance exam. This is not true as attempting more than 35 questions correctly will help you to score good marks. At the same time, you will also have to be careful about the negative marking scheme. Attempt number of questions only when you are confident about it, and it will not result in any negative marking. The cut-off marks for each stream is almost 22-30 marks. Therefore, only answer those questions about which you are 100% confident.

Devote all time for preparation

Though GATE 2019 is one of the toughest entrance examinations, students need not devote all the day or study till late night to crack the exam. They have to give at least 8 hours to prepare for the exam without any room for distractions. When they are preparing the timetable, they should include break times so that they have proper relaxation in between study hours. Therefore, instead of studying till late at night, it will be better for the students if they sleep early and try to get up early in the morning. When you get up early in the morning, you can start by revising some of the topics that you have covered the previous day.

Is college syllabus sufficient to appear for GATE?

Preparation for GATE 2019depends on subject concepts that you have studied in your graduation level. But there is a myth that the college curriculum is not sufficient to crack GATE. In addition to this, you need not study all subjects and topics that are covered in graduation. Instead, you should focus on the ones which are included in the GATE 2019 syllabus. To study precisely, you can go through the previous year's question and get to know about the topics which are asked. 

Solve more practice sets

By only solving practice sets, you will not be able to succeed in the exam. You should invest effective time in the same, and after you complete each of the mock test series, you have to analyze the paper well. Further, try to analyze both your strength and weakness. In addition, you should solve the papers in a restricted time. The higher the number of questions attempting in restricted time, the more the chance of cracking the entrance exam. Along with this, you also need to devote accuracy and speed.

Read many books

Though the entrance exam is difficult, one has to work hard to achieve the goal. But that does not imply that they have to study many books to crack the exam. They should have clear concepts that will help to enhance their confidence. Few books are enough to prepare for the exam.

Never apprehend that you cannot crack the exam

Some candidates do not prepare well, and they are of the opinion that since thousands of candidates appear for the exam, their chances of less or cracking the exam. After you analyze the exam properly, they will understand that the myth is not true. By studying methodically and consistently, aspirants will be able to gain success in GATE 2019.

Ignore social life and others during preparation

You do not have to put your soul in the exam but a solid 3 to 4 hours of studying will be enough for the students to crack the entrance. Rather, it is important to take part in social interactions so that you have proper relaxation in between the study hours.

Do not go for too much self-analysis

If you continue to work more according to your weaknesses, your confidence is going to lower. Therefore, it is important to focus only on your strengths, and this will help you to maintain your confidence. You have to think that nothing is impossible for you.

Preparing for multiple exams

When you see your friends are studying for GATE, you start preparing for the same. But this is not the right way to set your goal in cracking any particular exam. Preparing for the exam is not a game, and therefore, you have to understand your potential well before you decide to appear for the entrance exam.

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