How To Auto Blogging On Blogspot Using RSS Feed And IFTTT

Harsh Agarwal(of Shoutmeloud) is a professional blogger.

Are you also a pro blogger?

Yes or not.

If not but you want to become a pro blogger. Then the only question that I want to ask you
'Can you spend more than 10 hours to blogging?'
Of course not.

Because you may be a high school student or a job seeker who want to earn some extra cash online without any investment.

Am I right?

And if you are one of them, then this is a must read guide for you. The following is the table of content of this article which you can use to navigate throughout the headings.

Why should You do auto blogging?

Auto blogging is a process of using an automated software which scrapes the content from the RSS feeds of another website and then republish the same on your Blogger and WordPress.

This automatic blogging process requires no work because it generates its contents from the various website like BuzzFeed.

The benefits of auto blogging are:
  1. You no need to work because it generates its contents.
  2. You can make a lot of money day and night.
  3. You need not be an SEO expert.
  4. You need not be a technology guy.
  5. There is no cost to maintain the blog because it is free.
You see that the process is too easy and it also makes you a lot of cash every month.

Now let's see the step by step guide.

How to auto blogging on Blogspot using IFTTT and RSS feeds?

As we already know that a WordPress is the perfect solution to automate our blogging task using thousands of free plugins.

But, You can't enjoy these privileges on Blogspot.

Do you know why? Because it has the lack of features.

Hopefully, there is some third party web applications and their tweaks available which you can use to automate your blog posts using RSS feeds (or Newsletter) and Email. And in this guide, We will do the same.

We need:
  1.  A blog on blogger and Gmail account. (Google powers both)
  2. An RSS Feed (I will use Google News Feed, You can use any other also.)
  3. An IFTTT account.
Note: You need to create an email on Gmail and a blog on Blogspot, an account on IFTTT yourself. This is a very easy task.

Step By Step Guide

1. The very first thing you need to do is to get an RSS feed of a website. As I already specified that, in this guide, I would use Google news feed. So, the below is the RSS feed of Google.

You can also use the below Google News Feed for your blog.

2. Now, login to your IFTTT account. Now we have to create an applet. Creating an applet is a straightforward task. We only need to create trigger-based automated tasks, which will be executed for you automatically when the conditions are fulfilled.

Now when you are on IFTTT dashboard, then navigate to 'My Applets' (located in the menu bar) > Services.

And, you need to select 'RSS Feeds.' See the below picture.

rss feed IFTTT setup for auto blogging

3. Now, in the next step, you need to select 'RSS to Blogger HDA.' See below picture.

rss feed to blogger HD auto blogging software IFTTT

4. Now, you need to turn on the applet, Just click on 'Turn on'. See below picture.

turn on IFTTT applet fro auto bloggin RSS feed on blogspot by bloggerseolab

5. Now, IFTTT will ask you to provide access to your Google blogger account. Then do so as usual. And after that, You will have an option to select a blog on which you want to publish post automatically. See the below image,

IFTT bloggre need permission for auto blogging

6. Now the process is almost over. In the next, you need to enter the RSS feed URL. As in my case, Google News Feed like below. And then, click on SAVE.

7. That's it.

You have successfully set up an auto blogging software or poster. Now, When Google News has a new article, then it will automatically be posted on your Blogspot.

Now, in the next part, we will discuss on 'How to SEO optimized your blog?' so that your blog would get a massive amount of organic traffic that will boost your earnings.

Can you SEO optimize your blog posts?

Now, You have a blog and also 200 or more articles. Now, it's time to drive a massive amount of traffic to it.

Do you know?

SEO takes time and patience to rank a blog and website at the first page of the Google search. There are thousands of ranking factors, and one of them is Unique and High-quality articles.

In auto blogging, We scrape the content of other website and then republish the same in our blog. So,

'Google hates it, penalize it.'

Yes, you read write.

Google hates the duplicate contents and will not let you to rank.

Then there is only one way remaining that might drive a lot of traffic to your blog, and that is social media.

How to share the new blog posts on social networks automatically?

We know that Google News is one of the biggest news network which publishes its articles in every 1 minutes or less.

That means, in one day your blog may have 1000 articles.

And sharing all the posts one by one is not so easy.

So in this case, we like to use auto sharing tool which shares your articles automatically when a new article gets published using your RSS feed.

Here is the quick guide to auto share blog posts on social media by 'helper blogger,' click here to read

How To monetize your blog and make money on the fly?

If you think that you can easily monetize your blog with Adsense, then I want to draw your attention towards their terms and condition that,
"You can't use Adsense on a blog where contents are copied or scraped from the other sites."
This is also one of the limitations of an 'auto blogging blog.'

Hopefully, there is some best Adsense alternative available which allows duplicate contents. And one of them is 'Popads.' I have also published a review on Popads with earning and payment proof, you can read from here.

What are the best Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog?

Adsense and Popads are not only the ad network which you must use for monetization. There are millions of high paying Ads network. Following is the top 3 ads network,

        1. Infolinks: It’s an in-text advertising program which does not occupy too many spaces on your site. It provides pop-up ads or text ads.

        2. It also a contextual ad network which is powered by Yahoo and Bing. You can customize your ad with different color and size.

        3.Bidvertiser: It is a CPC (cost per click) advertising programs which let your earn revenue by showing Slider ads, Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Text ads.


Creating a blog is a straightforward task but making it popular too hard because it requires a lot of hard work, patience and time.

But on the other side,

Auto Blogging becomes one of the best ways to make money from blogging because here you no need to work day and night.

You only need to create it, monetize it and leave it. And, a good amount of cash will be in your pocket every month.

Now, over to you.

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