How To Download Samsung Firmware [Premium Speed]

How To Download Samsung Firmware [Premium Speed]

Are you looking for a sammobile premium account or link generator hack for fast download of official firmware? Then you are at the right place.

Android is one of the most popular Linux based operating systems which provides an easy to use user interface and thousands of application which you can find on Google play store.

If you are a pro Android user like me, then you might have a rooted android device. One of the best framework to install on a rooted android device is 'XPOSED FRAMEWORK' that provides thousands of modules to tweak the android device.

In the last night, I have installed a module (i.e., 100+ million savers) which claim that it can save my battery life more than the Greenify and Servicely. After rebooting the device, My device was stuck at the boot menu, and the device bricked.

As the XDA developers portal said that if your device is bricked, or your device is stuck in the boot menu then simply flash your device with the official firmware using Odin.

SamMobile is the official site to download the official firmware for any Samsung Android device. You can visit from here. As we know that SamMobile does not charge money for a regular download of Firmware but for the premium speed, you need to pay a little amount of penny.

But as an Indian, I do not like to spend my money until it is essential. So, I have found the following guide to install the Samsung mobile firmware at the premium speed. You no need to have any premium account. Just use the below tutorial, and download the firmware at the premium speed for free.

How To Download Samsung Firmware [Premium Speed]

  1. First of all, download and install SamFirm, click here (link is from XDA developer portal).
  2. And then launch the application. And then add then enter your model number and region code(at my case my region code is INS) and then hit on 'Check for updates' button. And then hit on 'download' button.
    download samfirm and sammobile premium account
  3. That's it. you can see my downloading speed is 400kb per second (premium speed).

I hope the above step by step tutorial has helped you to bypass the slow speed of Samsung Firmware from SamMobile official site. You no need to have the direct link generator or premium account, just download the samFirm application from the XDA developer portal and use the app.


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