How To Use And Configure Cuhk VPN On iPhone And Android

Use And Configure Cuhk VPN iPhone And Android
If you want to stay safe online and want to protect your data safe without compromise, then you must have to use a dedicated VPN network.

Today, there are thousands of free VPN network available for android, iPhone, windows, MAC which you can use to protect yourself from data theft.

Recently, I have made a tutorial on 'How to use free VPN on BlueStack?' And shows you 'How to install Japanese app store on your Android device?'

In this guide, I will show you a simple step to configure Cuhk VPN on your android and iPhone device.

How To Use And Configure Cuhk VPN On Android

1. Android 4.X:  The very first thing which you need to do is that navigate to device settings. And then click on 'More settings' under wireless and network.

Android marshmallow: If you have a device running on android marshmallow then you need to tap on 'more connection settings.'

2. Now you need to tap on 'VPN'.

3. Now tap on 'Add a VPN network'.

4. Now you need to enter VPN informations as given below.


- Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK
- Server Address:
- L2TP secret: (Not used)
- IPSec identifier: (Not used)
- IPsec pre-shared key: ipsec-vpn

Then click “Save”.

 5. A new VPN profile “CUHK VPN” will be listed under the “VPN” menu.

How to Connect CHUK VPN?'

1. First of all, click on 'CHUK VPN' to start a connection.

2. And now, you need to enter your username and password.

Enter the account information

- User name: your_computing_id
- Password: your_cwem_password

and then click on  “Connect”.

3. Now you have successfully connected to CHUK VPN network. The status will show as connected. That's it.

Thanks, I hope that the above step by step guide has helped you to sort out your problem.

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