How to get free premium RDP server account for lifetime


RDP (or Remote Desktop Connection or also known as Terminal services) is used to take control of a remote computer over a network connection. One of the advantages of a free RDP is that you can access your computer or laptop using your Android device also from anywhere in the world. As there is a large number of free RDP client for Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Android are available on the web but most of them are not free, and you need to pay a fixed price either monthly or yearly for the subscription.

So here in this guide,

I will show you a trick to get Free Remote desktop connection client server for the lifetime.

How to get free RDP server for the lifetime?

1. The very first thing you need to do is that navigate to rabbit and create a free account there. see below image,

2. After successful registration on rabbit free account, an email will be sent to you to verify your account. So, login to your Gmail or Yahoo account with username and password and then verify your account.

3. Now, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard from where you can surf the internet at a very high speed.

4. Now, when you are on your dashboard. Then find search logo option (located at the left hand side upper corner). And then hover on it. You can see an option of  'Insert URL or search on Google'. Then type there ''. See below image

5. Now, Chrome browser will launch with ''. Now you can surf the internet at a very hiigh speed. You can also watch high definition videos on youtube without buffering. That's it.

I hope the above step by step tutorial will hep you to learn 'how to use free RDP server client' on your desktop (either Windows, Ubuntu, Linux) without any lagging issue.

If you have any doubt related to RDP server setup then ask your queries in the below comment box.

Or you know other servers which provide working free username and passwords to use on your desktop then mention the same in the below comment and help others like you.

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